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This Learning Centre Portal offers a user guide for the Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) product from Accanto. It provides a step by step introduction on the tools available for various user roles intending to develop, package, and operate VNFs and/or network services. These include administrators, VNF engineers, service designers or operations personnel. The purpose of this portal is to provide high-level instructions on how to perform the basic tasks with the Stratoss LM product.

Stratoss LM is a cloud networking automation platform that embraces the IT DevOps movement. Stratoss LM enables complex network services to be designed, created and continuously optimised across hybrid and distributed cloud environments. Stratoss LM’s unique Intent Engine delivers dramatic “lights out” operational automation, lowering the cost of managing edge cloud fabrics for Enterprise and 5G, whilst increasing the pace and possibilities for innovation.

Understanding The Basics Getting Started Reference Links
What is Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager? Install Assembly Descriptor
What’s the business problem? How to Develop a VNF Resource Descriptor
Users How to Design a Network Service LMCTL Command line tool
Key concepts LM API Interface
What is CI/CD Hub? Resource Manager
CI/CD Methodology Best Practices
Introduction Demos
CI/CD Hub Software Overview How-to-Guides
Getting Started
Create CI Pipeline
Create Release Pipeline
CICD Pipeline Demo

Further information about the company that has developed Stratoss Lifecycle Manager can be found at this link: Accanto Company Website