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Introduce Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) software architecture

Software Architecture

Stratoss LM software is deployed as separated distinct component sets which can be considered in two groups;

Stratoss LM Software Architecture

Stratoss LM Core application is realized by a number of microservices deployed on Kubernetes environment. Each microservice has a specific role/function within LM application and communicate with each other via RESTful APIs and through a Kafka message bus.

Each LM microservice is realized as a Kubernetes service and implemented as a set of service instances which are reachable via a load balancer. Every service operates in a fully active instance set. That is, all service instances within the set are fully operational and capable of servicing any request made of it concurrent to its peers within the service.

Solution Architecture

The main responsibilities of Stratoss LM is to enable modelling of network services (NS) and drive them through their lifecycles according to requests it receives. Stratoss LM integrates on its northbound interface with Order management tools to take in orders to deploy, maintain or decommission service instances.

Figure below illustrates the positioning of Stratoss LM with other main components involved in service development and orchestration.

Stratoss LM Solution Architecture

More detailed description of Stratoss LM architecture can be found in Stratoss LM Architecture