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Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) Demonstrations This section introduces a set of working Stratoss LM demonstrations. With working code and scripted scenarios to help you get up and running quickly. CI/CD Automated Pipeline Description: Setup and use an automated CI/CD Pipeline to automate on-boarding, test, and deployment of an example Voice Service. Key points: Automated pipeline, automated behaviour driven testing, automated environment creation, automated binary package store Link: CICD pipeline Dummy EPC (coming soon) End to End VoIP Service (coming soon) NFVI Automation (coming soon) »

CICD Pipeline demonstration

Objectives This working demonstration showcases Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) automated CICD capabilities. The demo will show the following Automated triggering of Network Service or VNF build from a Git project source change. Creation of a pre-production environment and all VNF or test dependenceis required to run the updated Network Service. Automated behaviour testing of the updated Network Service On success the network service binary package is built with an appropriate version number and stored in Nexus Pre-requisites Have read the CI/CD Hub Introduction Working CI/CD Hub and Stratoss LM environment Install local lmctl Working Docker Environment to run VNFs Installing the Demo Clone the Stratoss LM demo artifacts from Github to your local machine »