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Getting Started

This section details how to install the CI/CD Hub using Helm on an existing Kubernetes cluster. This will install the following services:



A Kubernetes cluster is required to install the Hub. This environment must be configured with:

In addition, you will need the following client tools, pre-configured with access to your Kubernetes environment:


If installing on ICP we recommend you read through our ICP Pre-Install Considerations before continuing.

CI/CD Hub Artifacts

Download the CI/CD Hub Helm chart from the releases page on Github.

Offline Install

If you need to install the CI/CD Hub in an environment without internet access, please read through the Offline Install Instructions to pre-pull additional artifacts required during the install.


The CI/CD Hub is configured through Helm chart values.

You may check the default configuration values of the chart using helm inspect:

helm inspect values <cicdhub-helm-chart>

Configuration Steps

This following sections will take you through the default configuration of the chart. They will also explain how to override them (at your discretion), using a custom values file. This file is a custom YAML formatted file, which you must create when changing values, so it can later be passed during installation.

Create the custom file:

touch custom-values.yaml

Any future references to the custom values should be understood to mean this file.

Start configuring your installation with Sizing Limits