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Access Configuration

Configuring Access to Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM)

The installation of Stratoss LM includes an Ingress Controller which exposes the key services externally. This needs to be configured so that access to these services will be on the required hostnames and ports.

If your environment already has an Ingress Controller available, then disable the one that comes with the LM installation. You can check the status of your ingress controller with:

kubectl get service --all-namespaces | grep ingress

Otherwise proceed to Configuring the Ingress Controller

Disabling the Ingress Controller

To use an existing Inress Controller, disable the one that comes with the LM installation by adding a custom Helm value as follows:

  enabled: false

Now proceed to Configuring the Ingress Hostnames

Configuring the Ingress Controller

By default, the installation is configured as follows:

Protocol Port
HTTPS 32443
HTTP 32080
Service Hostname
UI ui.lm
Application APIs app.lm
Vault Configuration Server vault.lm

Configuring the Access Port

To modify the port on which LM is exposed externally, its value can be set via the Helm values for the helm-foundation chart. The value should be set as follows:

helm-foundation values:

        http: 32080
        https: 32443

Note: the choice of HTTPS vs HTTP protocol depends on whether LM is installed with security enabled. This will be covered later in the configuration steps.

Configuring the Ingress Hostnames

To modify the hostnames on which LM is exposed externally, these values need to be set in your custom Helm values file in order to modify the ingress configuration and SSL certificate generation.

    uiHost: ui.lm
    apiHost: app.lm
     - vault.lm
      - secretName: vault-tls
          - vault.lm

Next steps

You can now proceed to review the configuration for Sizing