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Configuring Sizing of Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM)

The default install of LM makes use of the default settings, which will deploy the Standard flavour of LM. This includes:

Alternative Sizing Flavours

The flavours directory included in the lm-helm-charts package contains helm values and other useful files for installing alternative recommended deployments of the Stratoss LM. These different flavours allows for variations of sizing for LM.

The following flavours are available:

Basic HA

Directory: ha This flavour is intended for a multi-node Kubernetes cluster and includes the following characteristics:


Directory: minimal This flavour restricts the amount of CPU/Memory/Disk usage of the Kubernetes resources.


To install LM with any of these flavours, ensure the following values file from the lm-helm-charts package are provided during the Helm install process which is described later in this guide:

Flavour Helm values file
Basic HA ./flavours/ha/ha-values.yaml
Minimal ./flavours/minimal/minimal-values.yaml

Next steps

You can now proceed to review the configuration for Security