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Getting Started

This section details a recommended installation of the IBM OSSLM Ansible Resource Manager.



A Kubernetes cluster is required to install the Ansible RM. This environment must be configured with:

In addition, you will need the following client tools, pre-configured with access to your Kubernetes environment:

Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM)

We recommend installing a Stratoss LM environment first so the Ansible RM may share the existing Kafka cluster.

Ansible RM Helm Chart

Download the Ansible RM Helm chart from the releases page on Github.


The Ansible RM is configured through Helm chart values.

You may check the default configuration values of the chart using helm inspect:

helm inspect values <ansible-rm-helm-chart>

This guide will describe how to override the default settings, by referring to a custom values file. This file is a custom YAML formatted file, which you must create so it can later be passed during installation.

Create the custom file:

touch custom-values.yaml

Any future references to the custom values should be understood to mean this file.

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