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LMCTL Command Line Tool

Objectives Learn how to install the LMCTL command line tool Learn how to create and manage Network Service/VNF projects and packages Learn how to configure LMCTL environments to push, pull and test packages in Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager environments Pre-requisites Python Before you begin you will need to install: Python3 Pip3 (already installed with many Python installations) As it’s possible to have both Python2 and Python3 installed on one machine, this guide will make use of python3 and pip3 commands instead of python and pip. »

Lifecycle Manager Architecture

Overview LM software is deployed as separated distinct component sets which can be considered in two groups; Core Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) consisting of a number of microservices Dependencies: Foundation functionality consisting of industry standard third party implementations Message Bus Data Persistence Authentication Server Stratoss LM Core Microservices The Stratoss LM microservices are namely: User Interface Host for Stratoss LM User Interface. API Gateway A gateway for the full set of published Stratoss LM APIs used by the Stratoss LM User Interface and available for use by any number of configured Client applications. »

Sizing your deployment

Sizing guideline for ICP This guideline is for hardware requirements of installing Lifecycle Manager on top of IBM Cloud Private Then, download the Stratoss LM sizing guideline from the attachment of this page. You will need Microsoft Excel to open this file. Put your ICP cluster hardware details, and the desired number of resources you plan for Stratoss LM (assuming standard daily lifecycle actions). Make sure there’s enough hardware resources for your case. »

ICP Advice

ICP Pre-Install Considerations This section details topics that should be considered when installing the CI/CD Hub and/or Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager to ICP. Helm Install the Helm client using the ICP instructions. Note that when using Helm with ICP you may need to include the --tls options for all Helm commands. Pod Security Policy If you are installing CI/CD Hub or Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager on ICP, you should do so in a namespace that is bound to a less restrictive Pod Security Policy. »

Deployment Model

Introduction This section introduces the deployment architecture and main configuration options for Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) for a typical CICD configuration. It is expected that multiple Stratoss LMs will be deployed to automate the various tasks for each stage of the CICD process. Each set of LMs are coordinated around a repository of artifacts representing the external resources under management. The picture below shows a typical deployment. See here for more information on a typical LM CICD process. »

Glossary of Terms

Assembly Assembly is a definition of a service and may comprise of one or more resources and/or other assemblies. It is defined in an Assembly Descriptor and can be instantiated as an Assembly Instance. Assembly Descriptor (Descriptor) Assembly descriptor is a computer readable definition of an Assembly implemented as a Yaml-file. Assembly Designer, Service Designer An Actor or end user role designing services using Stratoss LM. Assembly designer takes informal service design artifacts defined by service designers and translates them to a set of formal computer readable descriptors that model the target service »