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Step Reference

Assembly Events

Check for successful process Description Monitors Kafka for a message describing the success of a given process for a given Assembly. For example, this step could be used to check a scale occured on an Assembly when simulating traffic that triggers a scale policy. The step begins monitoring Kafka as the step is executed, so any processes completed before then will not be seen. Passes when: a message is seen which describes the success of the given process for the given Assembly Fails when: »

Intent Engine

Create Assembly Description Requests the creation of an Assembly with the given descriptor and initial state. The step then waits for the process to complete successfully. Passes when: the create was accepted and completed successfully Fails when: the create was rejected (not a valid request) the create was accepted but failed to complete successfully the create was accepted but has not finished before a configurable amount of time has passed (configued with alm. »

Intent Requests

The steps in this group can be used to request processes to be executed on Assemblies. The difference between these steps and those in the Intent Engine group is the asynchronous execution. These steps only request the process to start, they do not wait for it to complete. The successful completion of the process can be checked for later in the scenario with the provided “Expect Intent Success” step. »

Metric Definitions

Specify Metric Definition Description Specify the format of messages on Kafka for a metric type that will be recorded later. Passes when: the format is valid Fails when: the format is invalid Properties Property Description metricDefinitionName Name given to the metric definition (referenced in steps to record a metric) metricDefinition A table specifying the 4 fields to be found on a Kafka message Metric Definition Table: »

Metric Recording

Start Recording Description Start recording metric values by monitoring Kafka for messages detailing a measurement for a given Resource and metric type. You must create a metric definition before recording metrics, as this informs the monitor how to identify the Resource and metric type for each message. Recording stops when explicity requested with the Stop Recording step or when the scenario finishes. Passes when: the recording has started Fails when: »

Metric Assertions

Verify always under threshold Description Checks that all values seen whilst recording a metric are under a given value. Any values equal or over the threshold will cause the step to return a status of failed. Passes when: all values for the recorded metric are under the given threshold Fails when: any values for the recorded metric are equal to or over the given threshold Properties Property Description metricName Name given to a metric being recorded in this scenario thresholdValue A numeric value representing the threshold Verify always over threshold Description Checks that all values seen whilst recording a metric are over a given value. »


Delay Description Delay the scenario from continuing for a specified time period. This does not prevent any background tasks, such as metric recording, from continuing. Properties Property Description sleepTime Numeric value representing the amount of time to delay (unit specified by timeUnit property) timeUnit Unit of measurement for the sleepTime property: milliseconds, seconds, minutes »