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Lifecycle Manager API

Interface Architecture

The Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) API is responsible for interactions with the operations available from LM. API Interaction Principles Each of the major components within Stratoss LM have been built as micro-services using HTTP as the transport mechanism for requests and responses. The Stratoss LM API uses a combination of REST style interfaces and RPC interfaces. The RPC-style interface is used to submit Intents to Stratoss LM. All other interfaces use a REST-style. »


Resource Manager Handling Resource Manager Onboarding When a resource manager is onboarded, Stratoss LM invokes a set of calls to the Resource Manager detailed in the Resource Manager API document. Delete Resource Manager Get Resource Manager Details Update Resource Manager The resource manager returns the details of the resources and locations, and Stratoss LM will store any new details. Stratoss LM will not remove any existing details. Assembly Creation and State Transition Healing NOTE: Asynchronous Events not shown »