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Resource Manager Configuration

Get Resource Manager Configuration

Returns high-level information about the configuration of this Resource Manager. This endpoint is called when onboarding the Resource Manager.

The supportedFeatures sections allows the Resource Manager to inform Stratoss LM whether a specific feature is supported by the Resource Manager. The only value supported at the moment is AsynchronousTransitionResponses. This informs Stratoss LM that the Resource Manager will be using the asynchronous response mechanism described later (see section 2.5 and 2.6 below).

Request Format

Aspect Value
Endpoint URL /configuration
Parameters None

Response Format

Aspect Value
Return Code 200 – OK
Return Code 401 – Not Authorised

Example Response

Content Type: application/json


​    “name”: “default-rm::dev”,

​    “version”: “1.0.0”,

​    “supportedApiVersions”: [ “1.0” ],

​    “supportedFeatures”: {

​           “AsynchronousTransitionResponses”: “false”

​    },

​    “properties”: {

​            “responseKafkaConnectionUrl”: “zookeeper://localhost:2181”,

​            “responseKafkaTopicName”: “lm-responses”

​    }


Field Description Mandatory
name The name of the Resource Manager instance Yes
version The version of the Resource Manager instance Yes
supportedApiVersions A list of API version(s) supported – currently only 1.0 No
supportedFeatures A list of features supported by the Resource Manager No
AsynchronousTransitionResponses Indicates if the Resource Manager supports asynchronous responses via Kafka If set to “true” then resource changes will be published to Kafka and can then be retrieved in an asynchronous manner. No
properties A set of key value pair with properties describing key behaviour No
responseKafkaConnectionUrl The url for the kakfa where the asynchronous responses will be sent No
responseKafkaTopicName The name of the topic for the asynchronous responses No