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Behaviour Testing

Once you have created and saved your VNF or Network Service Design, you can proceed to creating behaviour driven tests in the behaviour testing tab in the Design page. Behaviour Driven Tests allow you to automate the testing of your VNF or Network Service. This can then be used in a CI/CD pipeline to automate the entire process. It allows you to sing up a test environment, add test resources such as traffic generators and monitors, then run through a set of automated test scenarios that test the entire lifecycle of your VNF/NS such as auto-scaling, healing etc. »

Authenticated API Requests

This guide details how to connect from a calling system into the Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) APIs securely. Pre-requisites an existing installation of the Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) a valid set of client credentials which can be used for authentication. If not, see Managing Client Credentials Making an API call LM uses the standard OAuth 2.0 mechanism to authenticate incoming API requests. This requires some additional tokens to be setup in the headers of any HTTPS request that is made. »