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Managing Configuration


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Many of the applications installed as part of the Lifecycle Manager load configuration from a configuration repository service. Vault is the chosen storage mechanism for any secure config required by the microservices. It is an industry standard approach to storing sensitive information and stores all secure config in a highly encrypted format.

Configuration may be loaded into Vault during the installation through the lm-configurator Helm chart but it is also possible to update the configuration post-install by visting the Vault UI.

Application Configuration

Application configuration is persisted using a secrets engine named lm in Vault.

Vault UI

A secret will exist for each LM service inside the lm engine, with configuration properties stored as JSON content. Any configuration stored under the secret named application will be shared amongst all services.

Vault Backend

Configuration is stored within the secret as key/value pairs, where the name is the dot-separated name of the configuration item.

Vault Secret

Click the ‘Edit’ toggle switch to enter edit mode

Vault Edit Secret

New property values should be added as dot separated keys.