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Manage Client Credentials

The following guide details how to configure Client Credentials in Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM), which are required to make API requests from external clients and integrated systems.


To complete this guide you will need:

Add client credentials

Client credentials can be created using the credentials REST API. This API is protected, so authentication is required to access it. You may use the default admin client (usually LmClient, see Default Client Credentials) to do this.

To create a new set of credentials, send a POST request to https://<your-lm-api-host>:<your-lm-api-port>/api/credentials with the following JSON fields:

Example payload:

    "clientId": "NewClient",
    "clientSecret": "thisisthesecret",
    "authorisedGrantTypes": [
    "accessTokenValidity": 300,
    "roles": [

Updating Client Credentials

You may update client credentials with a similar request to a create, but instead the payload must be sent in a PUT request to: https://<your-lm-api-host>:<your-lm-api-port>/api/credentials/<client-id>

UI login timeout values

Login sessions to the LM UI have the following behaviour:

In order to modify front-end timeout values, the UI client credentials (NimrodClient) must be updated, adjusting the values of accessTokenValidity and refreshTokenValidity