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Behaviour Testing


Behaviour Testing Behaviour testing allows you to simulate scenarios that will test the lifecycle of your VNFs/Network Services. It allows you to automate creating instances of your services in test environments, simulating traffic or lifecycle processes, whilst monitoring and asserting metric values are as expected. Each scenario can be executed independently to confirm a particular aspect or feature of your service is working. The full collection of the scenarios related to a service can also be executed as a test suite, useful in a CICD process to re-test the service after a change has been made. »

Assembly Configurations

Assembly configurations are pre-configured instances of a VNF/Network Service you will make use of in your scenarios. They hold a reference to an assembly descriptor you wish to create and the values to set on the properties of that descriptor. Essentially they are re-usable plans for creating an instance of an assembly at a later time. In your scenarios you will select the assembly configurations to be used. As the scenario begins, the instances will be created based on the planned configuration, then as the scenario completes they may be optionally uninstalled to keep the environment clean for the next execution. »


A scenario outlines the list of steps to execute in order to simulate actions or assert expectations of lifecycle behaviour or metric values. It can be thought of as a script, that will execute commands one-by-one till completion. Each step represents a command which must pass in order for the scenario to continue execution. If a step fails, the scenario is stopped and marked as failed. Any steps scheduled after the failing step are not executed. »