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Configure the Hub


A newly installed CI/CD Hub will require some additional configuration to setup users and cross component integrations.


Add users to OpenLDAP

To add users to the to the OpenLDAP installed with the CI/CD Hub. You can follow the instructions to add users to a standalone Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM).

Slave Stratoss LMs can be configured at installation time to use the OpenLDAP instance deployed with the CI/CD Hub. Users configured in the CI/CD OpenLDAP will then have access to any slave LMs.

Documentation for Jenkins, Gogs and Nexus can show how to configure those functions to also use the shared OpenLDAP instance. These instructions are outside the scope of this learning centre.

Configure Jenkins

The next step is to configure Jenkins and its required plugins.

Install Plugins

The following plugins are required:

To install these plugins follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Jenkins
  2. On Jenkins dashboard select ‘Manage Jenkins’
  3. Select ‘Manage Plugins’
  4. Check each plugin is listed under the ‘installed’ tab.
  5. If a plugin is not installed, search for it under the ‘Available’ tab and select it to install it.
  6. Check the ‘Restart Jenkins when installation is complete and no jobs are running’ link
  7. Wait for Jenkins to restart

Add Jenkins credentials

Jenkins credentials are required to add tags to git and upload files to Nexus. Perform the following steps to setup the credentials.

  1. Log into the Jenkins UI
  2. On the Jenkins dashboard select ‘Credentials’
  3. In the row for ‘Jenkins’ hover over (global) and in the drop list select ‘Add Credentials’
  4. Add the username ‘jenkins’ and a password to log into Gogs and add a note in the description that these are the gogs credentials.
  5. Enter ‘gogs-id’ in the ‘ID’ field
  6. Press OK
  7. Repeat for nexus, using ‘nexus-id’ as the ‘ID’ value and a valid username and password that has permission to upload (for demo use the admin credentials)

Configure Gogs

The following Gogs configuration should be performed.

Register users

  1. Log into Gogs as admin
  2. From the top right drop down list titled ‘SIGNED IN AS CICDHUB-ADMIN’ click and select ‘Admin Panel’
  3. Go to Users and add user ‘jenkins’ (with same password as set in the Jenkins credentials step above) . This account is used for Jenkins to push changes to Gogs projects.
  4. Give the jenkins user admin permissions
  5. Add any additional Gogs users who will be creating and maintaining Network Services and VNFs. New users can change their password later. Register on the home page (before you sign in)

Create an Organistion

The following steps creates an organisation which will contain Network Service and VNF projects for your team.

  1. Log into Gogs as admin
  2. Create (+) New Organistion name ‘marketplace’. This is where Network Services and VNF projects will be created. If you use a different name, then you will have to edit your Jenkinsfile for each of the pipeline automation’s you create later.
  3. ‘Invite Someone’ to join the organisation for all the users you created. You can add/delete users later and add/remove them from the organisation.
  4. Add ‘jenkins’ to the ‘marketplace’ organisations.