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Developing a Package


Develop VNF or Network Service project artifacts that, when complete, will consititute a releasable package.


Developing a VNF or Network Service Descriptor

Push your project into dev environment (assume this is called ‘dev’ in the LMCONFIG file for LMCTL):

$ cd <myvnf dir>
$ lmctl project push dev

Design the VNF or Network Service Descriptor

Developing VNFC/Resource Lifecycles

These should be detailed in the VNF or NS design

For a VNF add VNFC artifacts

Commit changes to the develop branch as you go.

Creating behaviour Tests

In the Stratoss LM designer, you can add Behaviour Tests to your project by performing the following tasks:

Push your project changes to the CI/CD Hub. You have now completed a basic VNF or Network Service set of steps. You know that it can be deployed and have tested it’s lifecycle.

  $ git push origin master develop

Now you have a VNF that can be installed and managed through it’s lifecycle. You can add further tests to validate that it is all functioning correctly.