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Getting Started


This section describes how to setup your own Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) CICD process and tools using the CI/CD Hub.


You must have installed the CI/CD Hub software and attach one or more Stratoss LMs. A detailed description of the CI/CD Hub software can be found here.

Stratoss LM CICD Process and Tasks

Once the CI/CD Hub is up and running, perform the following tasks to configure it to the needs of your team.

The image below describes the common tasks required to run a CICD process for a Network Service or VNF project.

CI/CD Project Tasks

The first set of tasks to create a new project are typically peformed in a local Lifecyle Manager “Development” environment.

Pipeline tasks below are required to automate the population of pre-production Stratoss LM slaves, running behaviour tests and generating versions of binary packages.

Package versions need to be continually updated, a typical update task is described below.