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Uploading Images


Manage versions of all VNF or test software images in a general repository. Making the images available in a formal manner to the CI/CD tools.


Repository Structure

The image directory structure in the CI/CD nexus general repository is as follows:

├── raw
    └── vdus
        └── <vdu-name>
            ├── <image-name-version>.<type>
            ├── image-3.4.12.qcow2
            ├── image-3.4.00.tar			

To upload an image into nexus:

you could also curl the images in, e.g.:

  $ curl -v -u <username>:<password> --upload-file ./image-3.4.12.qcow2 http://<hub_nexus_url>/repository/raw/vdus/firewall/image-3.4.12.qcow2
  1. Load images into target VIM

Follow instructions from the target VIM to load images, e.g. for openstack

  $ openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare \
  --public --file ./image-3.4.12.qcow2 image-3.4.12