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Develop a Network Service Package

Design a Network Service

This section describes the steps to design and model a Network Service. A Network Service is typically designed prior to the implementation. This is part of a customer project in which requirements are gathered, a design is made including the Network Service Design, and then implemented. Objectives Learn how to model a Network Service Create a Network Service graphical model that can be used during implementation Pre-requisites An understanding of the customer requirements for the Network Service in terms of composition, location, relationships, networking, testing, and underlying infrastructure requirements. »

Setting up a project

The first step in developing a Network Service (NS) is to create a NS project. Create NS Project On your local environment, you create a NS project by running the following LMCTL command in the folder you want the NS to be created in: lmctl project create --name myvns --version 0.1 --servicetype NS ./myns NOTE: The name should NOT contain ‘-’ as a separator in the name (this is not a restriction on Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM), but simplifies pipeline automation later) »

Implement a Network Service

Objectives Learn how to access Service Designer tool in Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) Create a new Assembly Descriptor working as a starting point for a new Network Service (NS) design Design the Network Service using the Designer Pre-requisites Before you begin following pre-requisites should be fulfilled: Access to Stratoss LM environment with applicable user role assigned to the user account (see Installation and Config of Stratoss LM for more details on user roles) Necessary Virtual Network Function (VNF) packages developed and onboarded to the Stratoss LM environment (see Develop a VNF package for more details) Used the LMCTL command to create the NS project and pushed that into the environment Create a new Assembly Descriptor NOTE: This step is only relevant if you have not created a NS project with LMCTL yet and you start one from scratch in the Stratoss LM Designer UI. »

Finalize a Project

At this stage, you have created your NS and behaviour tests, and you are happy with the design. You can pull the project back to your local directory before pushing it to your GIT. Pull project to local directory If you want to pull the design you have made in the Stratoss LM UI into your local project directory run the following command: lmctl project pull dev This will pull all NS artifacts you created in the designer out from your Stratoss LM development installation into your local directory. »