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Develop a VNF Package


The following lists the pre-requisites for developing a VNF: Stratoss development environment installed (local or development environment) CI/CD Hub installed LMCTL installed in the development environment User credentials for the CI/CD Hub and Stratoss LM with at least Admin or Portal user rights (in order to use the Designer) Once the Designer is used to create a VNF, the pre-requisite is that you have onboarded VNFC(s) to the development target environment »

Design a VNF package

In order to design a VNF, it is recommended to have a good understanding of the Network Service that the VNF is going to be part of, so that the right metrics, properties, and functionalities are being exposed. The overall Network Service Design, and the artifacts including the VNFs is described in the following section: Designing a Network Service »

Setting up a Project

The first step in developing a VNF is to create a VNF project and make available any software images for the target virtual environment. Create VNF Project On your development environment, you create a VNF project by running the following LMCTL command command in the folder you want the VNF to be created in: lmctl project create --servicetype VNF --vnfc vnfcA --vnfc vnfcB ./myvnf This creates a VNF directory structure for the VNF and includes the vnfcA and vnfcB subfolders. »

Implement VNFC

The following steps are required to implement a VNFC and are further described below. Create lifecycle scripts The next step is to map the standardised lifecycles (start, stop, configure, install, integrity and uninstall) to the specific commands for that VDU. This means that each VNFC will have the same interface so that the Intent Engine can use these in its automated opinionated patterns. For each of the lifecycle steps and operations (to be used in relationships) a ‘script’ needs to be created. »

Implement VNF

The following section is a step-by-step instruction on how to create a VNF once you have onboarded the VNFC(s) in the previous steps. You can create a VNF using the Graphical Designer tools in the Stratoss LM User Interface. Create Assembly Descriptor A VNF Descriptor is created by pressing the “Create” button on the top right corner in the Assembly Designer section in Stratoss LM. To create the VNF, the VNFC needs to have been onboarded. »

Finalize your VNF project

At this stage, you have created your VNFC, VNF, and behaviour tests, and you are happy with the design. You can pull the project back to your local directory before pushing it to your GIT. Pull project to local directory If you want to pull the VNF design you have made into your local project directory run the following command: lmctl project pull dev This will pull all VNF artifacts you created in the designer out from your Stratoss LM development installation into your local directory. »