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What is Stratoss LM?

Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager (LM) is a cloud networking automation platform that embraces the I.T. DevOps movement and fully automates the operational lifecycle of cloud network services.

Stratoss LM enables complex network services to be designed, created and continuously optimized across hybrid and distributed cloud environments. Our revolutionary intent-based automation engine along with the in-built automated test and DevOps tools deliver a 30 times reduction in operational effort. As an ‘automation’ product, it distinguishes itself by fully automating the day 1 and 2 ongoing maintenance and change management scenarios, rather than just orchestrating the day 0 ‘turn it on’ scenario.

Stratoss LM enables the radical cloud networking automation that is required

The advancement of Cloud technologies such as virtualization, 5G, Edge and Distributed Cloud along with the continuous pressure to rapidly bring new services to market at a much lower cost brings a massive increase in complexity. Services that traditionally were very static and hardware-oriented, now consist of thousands of dynamic pieces of software that need to be managed and changed in real-time across a variety of locations, clouds, and networks. The traditional model and workflow-based tools that rely on manual effort to design, test, and maintain these services does not enable commercially viable services.

The new world of dynamic and distributed services requires new tools that deliver a much higher degree of automation. The tools should enable a service factory that automate the day 0, 1, and 2 use cases at a fraction of the cost and manual effort. Stratoss LM is a unique cloud native product and has been built from scratch over the last 3 years to deliver a much higher degree of automation based on radical design principles:

The key concepts of Stratoss LM are further explained in this section.

What can you do with Stratoss LM

Stratoss LM automates the operational lifecycle of cloud network services across day 0, 1, and 2 scenarios without almost any manual effort. With Stratoss LM you can:

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